Here are just a few testimonials from some of my patients over the years:

“I came to Julie with a lifelong problem of depression and anxiety. I remember saying that I couldn’t imagine ever feeling happy again. After the first session, I felt something had lifted, that’s the only way I could describe it. Since then I’ve gone from strength to strength, and though I’ve been through some close bereavements and the usual ups and downs of family life, I can honestly say that happy is my normal state now… my husband says it’s saved our marriage!” KA

“My main problem was ankle pain caused by septicaemia in my teens – it was hard to see that I had ankles, the whole area was so swollen, and I had to take painkillers a lot just to get through the days.  Acupuncture has really changed my life. The only time I have to take painkillers is maybe on a walking holiday, if I’ve worn the wrong boots! Also the shape of my ankles has changed, now I can wear strappy sandals, and just live a normal life really. If anything crops up in my life, like I can’t sleep, or my work is stressing me out, Julie helps whatever it is.

I’ve recommended several people to Julie over the years, and she has really helped my sister with emotional problems, my partner with depression, and my dad with PTSD. I value the time she spends with me to understand how I feel and I can’t imagine my life without acupuncture.” CM

“I was recommended to Julie by my friend who’d had a lot of benefit following a gallbladder operation. My problem was fatigue, ever since a bad bout of flu a couple of years before. I feel like a different woman – Julie is really skilled at what she does.” DP

“I started seeing Julie when I was going through the menopause and really suffering from flushes and mood swings. I didn’t want to take HRT and the acupuncture helped me through it naturally. I brought my elderly mother for treatment too, and she’s still going strong at 94 now…  she no longer has pain from her arthritis and definitely has improved quality of life.” HR

“I had been through six rounds of IVF when I first went to Julie, and to cut a long story short, I now have a gorgeous son! I don’t know why I didn’t try acupuncture sooner… now I’m even thinking of training myself!” ZC

…. and here’s a video of me with my lovely patient Pete (with his kind permission) – we’re talking about his treatment with me for back pain, and about acupuncture in general: